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Poor guy never had a chance…

Poor guy never had a chance…

Part Two: Agitation continues today with the next scene.

Kate and Mike arrive on the scene of a fresh murder, but are they prepared for what they’ll find?

Drawing the crime scenes in Paradigm Shift has always been a challenge, both technically and emotionally. When I first started to draw the story, I found a book called Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective’s Scrapbook which compiled crime scene photos from the 1920’s to the 1950’s from LA police detective Jack Huddleston. The photos are gristly, yet somehow sterile. Thankfully, they are all black and white, which lends an air of disconnection to everything. I leaned heavily on this resource to make the murder scenes in this story as plausible as possible.

The blood splatter over the body was originally created for the end of the first scene of Agitation. Instead of trying to do the splatter effect on the page itself, I covered the floor in newsprint and spattered watered-down ink on sheets of bristol board, Jackson Pollack-style. After the ink dried, I scanned everything and pulled the best splats and drips together to form the final image, here.



Early Riser…

Early Riser…

Paradigm Shift — Part Two: Agitation continues today with the next scene.

Awakened by an early morning phone call, Kate gets ready to investigate a second murder…

This scene is set in the Chicago neighborhood of Wrigleyville, just north of the friendly confines of Wrigley Field on the narrow, alley-like Dayton Street, just off of Belmont Ave. For those in the know, this is also the home of Ragstock, a go-to thrift shop for the young hipsters looking for street chic clothes at a rock-bottom price in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

I love the moody urban feel of this part of town and decided it would be the perfect spot to set Kate’s apartment. Later on, those fire escapes will prove useful, too…

Dayton St. off of Belmont Ave.

Read the new scene here.





Paradigm Shift — Part Two: Agitation begins today!

Detectives Kate McAllister and Mike Stuart return to the streets of Chicago to hunt for a savage nocturnal killer, but are they searching for man or beast?

And does Kate know more about these grisly attacks than she realizes?

Their investigation may have to wait, though, because a new lead opens in an old case that forces them into a deadly showdown with a band of gunrunners.

“The lead characters are quickly endearing… a pleasant blend of Japanese-style design underlaid by American narrative.”


“A wonderfully written and drawn police thriller that takes a sharp supernatural twist.”

– Marc Mason, Should it Be a Movie?

Paradigm Shift is the total package: a thrilling cop drama, a supernatural mystery, and a lovingly-drawn portrait of Chicago. Do not fail to read it!”

– Shaenon K. Garrity, creator of Narbonic and Skin Horse

The second book of Paradigm Shift debuted on the innovative and before-its-time subscription webcomics portal in 2002. It picks up right where Part One: Equilibrium left off at its original home on

This first scene is set in the neighborhood where I used to live in Chicago. My old apartment building is in view right there in panel one—the second building to the left of the construction site. I took photos from a number of angles to capture the look of the block, including from the roof of my building.

Read it here.

Watch for the next scene on Monday, April 12th.

A new Paradigm Shift story is coming!

A new Paradigm Shift story is coming!


I’m delighted to tell you that Paradigm Shift is coming back. I’m currently finishing up the script for Instinct, the next chapter of the PS saga, and I’ll be starting the artwork production for Issue #1 soon.

When we last left Kate and Mike, they were on the run and hiding in the hills. Now they must turn and face the secret agency that sponsored the experiment that turned Kate into the monster she is. Expect plenty of action, adventure, and mayhem to come!

Issue #1 will debut later this year after another Kickstarter. However, I’m also trying something new this time. I’m going to start up a Patreon to allow for early access and offer a full behind the scenes look at the process of the comic being made.

More details coming soon!