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Why did I call the new film Restless Sleep? As I’ve mentioned, I’ve wanted to animate Paradigm Shift for a very long time. A lot of this hinged around Kate’s fateful transformation into a werewolf.

“Restless Sleep” from my sketchbook in 2002, from The Art of Paradigm Shift.

The title of the new filmRestless Sleep—actually comes from a drawing in my sketchbook that I did way back in 2002. I imagined her tossing and turning in her sleep in the lead-up to transforming for the first time. You can see it right there in the upper left hand corner.

However, with the completion of Equilibrium and the launch of, I got wrapped up with working on continuing the story instead of focusing on this side project. And so “Restless Sleep” got put in the drawer, and only existed as a series of pages in my sketchbook for 20 years.


Early transformation sketches from 2001 – Page 01

Early transformation sketches from 2001 – Page 02

Early transformation sketches from 2001 – Page 03


So, when I started playing with 3D last year, knowing that I wanted to animate Kate’s metamorphosis, this story immediately sprang to mind. The project started with a smaller scope—just animate the transformation and her going out the window into the night. And set it all to some music. But obviously I got a bit more ambitious, and it turned into the final film you see today!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the film, and if you did, please consider sharing it with your friends!</p<