Poor guy never had a chance…

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Part Two: Agitation continues today with the next scene.

Kate and Mike arrive on the scene of a fresh murder, but are they prepared for what they’ll find?

Drawing the crime scenes in Paradigm Shift has always been a challenge, both technically and emotionally. When I first started to draw the story, I found a book called Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective’s Scrapbook which compiled crime scene photos from the 1920’s to the 1950’s from LA police detective Jack Huddleston. The photos are gristly, yet somehow sterile. Thankfully, they are all black and white, which lends an air of disconnection to everything. I leaned heavily on this resource to make the murder scenes in this story as plausible as possible.

The blood splatter over the body was originally created for the end of the first scene of Agitation. Instead of trying to do the splatter effect on the page itself, I covered the floor in newsprint and spattered watered-down ink on sheets of bristol board, Jackson Pollack-style. After the ink dried, I scanned everything and pulled the best splats and drips together to form the final image, here.