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Paradigm Shift — Part Two: Agitation begins today!

Detectives Kate McAllister and Mike Stuart return to the streets of Chicago to hunt for a savage nocturnal killer, but are they searching for man or beast?

And does Kate know more about these grisly attacks than she realizes?

Their investigation may have to wait, though, because a new lead opens in an old case that forces them into a deadly showdown with a band of gunrunners.

“The lead characters are quickly endearing… a pleasant blend of Japanese-style design underlaid by American narrative.”


“A wonderfully written and drawn police thriller that takes a sharp supernatural twist.”

– Marc Mason, Should it Be a Movie?

Paradigm Shift is the total package: a thrilling cop drama, a supernatural mystery, and a lovingly-drawn portrait of Chicago. Do not fail to read it!”

– Shaenon K. Garrity, creator of Narbonic and Skin Horse

The second book of Paradigm Shift debuted on the innovative and before-its-time subscription webcomics portal in 2002. It picks up right where Part One: Equilibrium left off at its original home on

This first scene is set in the neighborhood where I used to live in Chicago. My old apartment building is in view right there in panel one—the second building to the left of the construction site. I took photos from a number of angles to capture the look of the block, including from the roof of my building.

Read it here.

Watch for the next scene on Monday, April 12th.