Time for Plan B

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Part Two: Agitation continues today with the next scene.

“One warrant as promised.”

South branch of the Chicago River

This is the south branch of the Chicago River. Bridgeport is just south of it. It’s an old, traditionally blue-collar, Irish neighborhood where the White Sox play at the now former Comiskey Park. It’s also where the younger Mayor Daley grew up.

I drew this page in the spring of 2004 after a friend showed me around South Side. I was looking for a warehouse to photograph for this scene. It was foreign territory to me at the time, because I was a “North Sider” and rarely had occasion to venture south of I-290, which unofficially divides the city into the two “Sides.”

Roughly one year later I became a “South Sider” and regularly went over the bridge drawn in panel one to visit my girlfriend at the time (now my wife). She lived only a few blocks from this warehouse!

Kate and Mike fishing flak vests out of the trunk of a car.

This panel was totally inspired by a famous scene from Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction.”

These aren’t exactly the armor vests used by the Chicago police, but I had a hard time tracking down an authentic source.

Mike’s comment is a reference to the “Sneak and Peek” searches authorized by legislation passed since 2001. I know I play a little fast and loose with the law in this story, but it frightens me that our government seems to be doing the same these days.