The Art of Paradigm Shift

The Art of Paradigm Shift

Go behind the scenes to see how the comic, characters, and artwork of Paradigm Shift were originally developed.

Packed with full color artwork, character sketches, werewolf studies, and a comprehensive breakdown of the artist’s comic drawing process.


  • Process breakdown of the cover painting
  • Full color cover and poster gallery
  • Annotated character design sketchbook.
  • Complete werewolf design process, with detailed transformation and anatomical models.
  • Extensive tips & tricks on comics creation covering character design, figure drawing, storytelling, layout, and linear perspective

“Few American artists have learned as much from manga and made those skills their own like Dirk Tiede. Paradigm Shift combines procedural police drama and paranormal science fiction with incredible action storytelling and ultra-detailed backgrounds in the style of Ghost in the Shell. ”
-Jason Thompson, King of RPGs and Manga: The Complete Guide

“Tiede assimilates manga visuals… with as much grace as any Westerner I’ve seen. His craftsmanship is impressive.”
–Noah Berlatsky, The Comics Journal

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