Former Chicago police detective Kate McAllister’s life has turned upside down.

First mysterious federal agents tried to abduct her. Then she discovered a long-ago medical experiment transformed her into a werewolf, and even worse–she’s responsible for slaughtering a man in Chicago!

Now on the run, she lives in fear of the monster inside her. Hiding in the hills with her partner Mike in a remote“safe house” owned by his old Army buddy, Kate must finally face what she has become.

 Can she take control before government forces–and her deadly secret–catch up with her?




“Paradigm Shift will stay with you long after you’ve finished.” 
– Comfort & Adam, creators of The Uniques

“An undisputed gem from the golden age of webcomics!” 
– Spike Trotman, Iron Circus Comics

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Collects the second storyline of the series (Part 4). 238 pages.
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